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وظائف بنك الاسكندرية وظائف خالية وظائف شاغرة فرصنا

اعلان وظائف بنك الأسكندرية للمؤهلات العليا يوليو 2021
يعلن بنك اسكندريه حاجته لشغل عدد من الوظائف للعديد من التخصصات وفقا للاعلان التالى 
الوظائف المطلوبة 
Head of Cost Management Unit
Desired Skills and Experience
Minimum 8 years of experience
Financial modeling Knowledge
Budgeting background
Vendors evaluation background
Financial analytics knowledge
Retail CRM Analyst
Full knowledge of data warehouse tables and data mining
Good knowledge of banking products and services
SAS Enterprise guide – or SQL is a Must
Good Knowledge of CRM Applications
Excellent knowledge of MS Office

Senior Auditor - General Functions Audit
Requirements :
Experience in auditing the following areas “Compliance “AML & FATCA” Head Office level, Finance “IFRS9”, Legal, HR, Real estate.
Risk-based Auditing.
A minimum of five (5) years of relevant experience in internal and/or external audit.
Fluency in English and Arabic
Solid awareness of related regulations and circulars adopted by the regulator CBE.
Understanding of IFRS 9 Measurements and application under banking Scope.

 طريقة التقديم 
على من يرغب التقدم للوظائف المطلوبه 

وظائف بنك الاسكندرية وظائف خالية وظائف شاغرة فرصنا

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